Anchore Engine Release Notes - Version 0.8.2

Anchore Engine 0.8.2

Anchore Engine 0.8.2, features, bug fixes, and improvements. The latest summary can always be found in the Anchore Engine CHANGELOG on github.


  • Ability to set pool_recycle and other SQLAlchemy engine parameters via config. Fixes #641
  • Updates image build to support dynamic UID mapping in OpenShift. Fixes #586


  • Malware scan fails to find EICAR string in image over 25Mb. Fixes #615
  • Policy engine should return HTTP 400 with instructive message on invalid bundle upload instead of HTTP 500. Fixes #634
  • Vulnerability fix version not correct for vulnerabilities with multiple fixes. Fixes #639
  • npm and gem packages not matching GHSA sources properly. Fixes #633
  • Update urllib3 to 1.25.9 to address CVE-2020-26137. Engine not affected. Fixes #662
  • Deactivating repo subscription does not halt repo scan. Fixes #635

Additional minor bug fixes and enhancements


Last modified March 10, 2021: Merge v0.9.2-dev to master (#946) (0bb613bb)