Anchore Engine Release Notes - Version 0.7.1

Anchore Engine 0.7.1

Anchore Engine 0.7.1 bug fixes and improvements. The latest summary can always be found in the Anchore Engine CHANGELOG on github.


  • Added - anchore-manager command now has –no-auto-upgrade option to support more deployment and upgrade control

Bug Fixes

  • Fix - Ensure only supported os overrides are used in skopeo download commands. Fixes #430
  • Fix - Errors during feed data download can cause mismatched timestamps and missed feed data on sync. Fixes #406
  • Fix - Removed variable reference before assignment in squasher. Fixes #401
  • Fix - Fixes mis-labeled GHSA matches on python packages in policy evaluation to be correctly non-os matches. Fixes #400


  • Improved - Removes docker-compose.yaml, prometheus, and nginx-proxy swaggerui configs from inside image, those available via documentation site. Resolves #435
  • Improved - Bumped twisted and requests dependencies
  • Additional minor bug fixes, enhancements, and test framework improvements.


Last modified March 10, 2021: Merge v0.9.2-dev to master (#946) (0bb613bb)