Anchore Engine Release Notes - Version 0.4.1

Anchore Engine 0.4.1

Anchore Engine 0.4.1 includes many new features, bug fixes and improvements. The latest summary can always be found in the Anchore Engine CHANGELOG on github.

New Features

  • Store a set of digests in a subscription record, allowing engine to run vuln_update/policy_eval checks over specified digests as well as latest. Contribution by Mattia Pagnozzi [email protected]
  • New debug_exception logger function to dump stack only at debug or higher log level, otherwise just print error.
  • Adds global internal client timeouts configurable in the config.yaml file. Fixes #210 add annotations key to AnchoreImage response definition type in.


  • Update Dockerfile using multi-stage model

Bug Fixes

  • GET /images?history=true not returning full history list. Fixes #215
  • Allow distro discovery routine to handle case where system os metadata files are broken softlinks inside the container image. Fixes #213
  • Update to analyzer code, to keep a consistent map of files regardless of any file name slash and dot prefixes that may be present in the layer tars. Fixes #209
  • Add input validation for registry add to prevent trailing slash and prefix schema in the registry input string. Fixes #208
  • Implement dockerfile update check to invoke on only the specific digest, not tag. Fixes #201
  • Incorrect 500 response on successful feed sync call. Fixes #198
  • On image add, ensure that subscriptions are (re)activated based on API input. Fixes #195
  • Use of body in GET /images to filter by tag and/or digest rather than only using query param
  • Don’t require type and key on PUT /subscriptions, reconciling code behavior with swagger spec. Contribution by by Mattia Pagnozzi [email protected]
  • Add missing ‘annotations’ key to AnchoreImage response definition type in swagger spec.
  • Add correct DB filter on userId to prevent images deleted from one user account from resulting in deletions of images in other accounts, when Image Digests align across accounts. Fixes #224


Last modified March 10, 2021: Merge v0.9.2-dev to master (#946) (0bb613bb)