Anchore Engine Release Notes - Version 0.10.1

Anchore Engine 0.10.1

API version - 0.1.19

DB Schema version - 0.0.15


  • Added - ‘will_not_fix’ field added to vulnerability report API response and vulnerability information query. Fixes #1160
  • Fixed - /tmp directory not cleaned up after an image analysis
  • Fixed - Updates syft version to 0.19.1
  • Fixed - Update certifi path in the docker entrypoint script to ensure cert updates are set properly. Fixes #1171
  • Fixed - incorrect handling of hints file input. Fixes #1165
  • Fixed - Ensures all tags attempted for image pull if multiple tags on image being analyzed. Fixes #1139
  • Fixed- Ensures events generated for images analyzed that have multiple tags. Fixes #1164
  • Fixed - Handles “release” rpm field for hints input correctly. Fixes #1149
  • Improved - Installs CLI into a virtual env for dependency isolation. Fixes #1076
  • Improved - hints file entries can only add new data to analysis report, not modify any entries found by analyzers.
  • Updates dependencies to remove non-impacting vulnerabilities


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