Install Amazon Marketplace listing with Helm on EKS

AWS Marketplace: Anchore Engine on EKS

This document willl walkthough deploying the Anchore Engine AWS Marketplace listing on Amazon EKS.


  • A running Amazon EKS cluster
  • kubectl installed and configured to access your EKS cluster
  • Helm installed and available in your path
  • Tiller, the server side component of Helm, installed in your EKS cluster

Anchore Engine Marketplace Listing

Navigate to the Anchore Engine Marketplace Listing, and select “Continue to Subscribe”, “Continue to Configuration”, and “Continue to Launch”.

On the Launch Configuration screen, select “View container image details”


Selecting this will present the following popup:


Follow the steps on the popup to verify you are able to pull down the required images (Anchore Engine and Postgres) from Amazon ECR.

Initial configuration

Create a custom values.yaml file to pass the Anchore Engine Helm Chart during your installation.

You will need to reference the Amazon ECR Marketplace images in this Helm chart.

  imageTag: v.0.5.0-latest
  imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
  imageTag: v.0.5.0-latest
  imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent

Note: You will also need create a secret with a Docker Config in order to fetch the Amazon ECR images.

Further configuration

For the complete list of configuration options for installation of the Anchore Helm chart, please check out the GitHub Repository

Example steps to create a secret

# RUN me where kubectl is available,& make sure to replace account,region etc
# Set ENV vars
[email protected] ( can be anything)

# Fetch token (which will expire in 12 hours)

TOKEN=`aws ecr --region=$REGION get-authorization-token --output text --query authorizationData[].authorizationToken | base64 -d | cut -d: -f2`

# Create registry secret
kubectl create secret docker-registry $SECRET_NAME --docker-server=https://${ACCOUNT}.dkr.ecr.${REGION} --docker-password="${TOKEN}" --docker-email="${EMAIL}"

After the secret is created you will need to add ImagePullSecrets to a service account.

You can read more about this here:


Ensure you have the latest Helm Charts.

helm repo update

Install Anchore Engine

Run the following command to install the Anchore Engine Helm chart in your EKS cluster

helm repo add anchore
helm install helm install --name anchore-engine -f values.yaml anchore/anchore-engine