Configuring Anchore


Anchore engine services require a single configuration which is ready from /config/config.yaml when each service starts up. Settings in this file are mostly related to static settings that are fundamental to the deployment of anchore-engine services, and are most often updated when the system is being initially tuned for a deployment (and very infrequently need to be updated after they have been set as appropriate for any given deployment of anchore-engine). By default, anchore-engine includes a config.yaml that is functional out of the box, with some parameters set to an environment variable for common site-specific settings (which are then set either in docker-compose.yaml, by the Helm chart, or as appropriate for other orchestration/deployment tools).

To review an example config.yaml that will be embedded in the anchore engine container image (default config), see the config.yaml on github and an associated example docker-compose.yaml on github which sets several environment variables required by the default config.yaml.

Jump to the following configuration guide below:

NOTE - The latest default configuration file can always be extracted from the Anchore Engine container to review the latest options and environment overrides using the following process:

# docker pull
# docker create --name ae
# docker cp ae:/config/config.yaml /tmp/my-config.yaml
# docker rm ae
# cat /tmp/my-config.yaml